Florence Nightingale webquest

Florence Nightingale

Who was Florence Nightingale ? What did she want to be?  Why did she go to Scutari? Where is Scutari? What would a map of her life look like?

    Why was there a war in the Crimea? What was it like in the hospital? What jobs  did the nurses do? (tip-go to page 7). What might a soldier have written home to his family? What happened when Florence came back to England? What would a timeline of her life look like?


Florence Nightingale

Find out all about Florence Nightingale on the BBC website here.  You can help Florence look after soldiers and learn lots of facts. You can also learn things on the infant encyclopedia.
Would you like to know more about Florence Nightingale? Find out more about hospital life.
 If you are really ‘reading smart’ you can read all about her life here. You could also make a paper doll if you like!
Try the kids zone of the Florence Nightingale museum site and play a game or find out some information.